The Women Who Make a Difference: Sunway Medical Centre, Sunway City’s Healthcare Professionals Beyond the Hospital Walls

Medical officer or Air Stewardess?

Dr Elayni Borhan, Emergency Medicine Specialist at Sunway Medical Centre, Sunway City cites that the decision to become a doctor was not her own, but she fell in love with it almost immediately.

“As the youngest of 4 siblings in my family, I wanted to be an air stewardess. However, being born and raised in an Asian family here in Kuala Lumpur, my parents implanted the idea of becoming a doctor as a good career path. Eventually, I ended up becoming one and thankfully I am enjoying every single bit of it!”

Undeniably, the never-prosaic Dr Elayni Borhan has an attractive physique that would easily pass the requirements of an aircrew.

Dr Elayni admitted that she walked her medical school years rather smoothly and discovered her passion for Emergency Medicine during her housemanship in Hospital Sungai Buloh. She has not looked back since, and today, she is one of the four Emergency Medicine consultants in Sunway Medical Centre, Sunway City.

“The adrenaline rush motivates me. Emergency Medicine suits me perfectly because the field itself is fast-paced, spontaneous and keeps me on my toes all the time!” She

also added that she loves the teamwork in the Accident & Emergency (A&E) unit as everyone is supportive, cooperative, and quick to act.

Dr Elayni recalled that the most dramatic event happened during her first pregnancy. She was heavily pregnant at around 38 weeks and driving alone when the car in front of her stopped abruptly. The driver lost consciousness due to seizures and the doctor in her kicked in. She rushed out to provide first aid to the patient before the ambulance came.

A Strong advocate for community CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), Dr Elayni will always grab opportunities to educate the public on how to perform this life saving procedure. She fully supports schools to teach CPR.

A Call for More Doctors

Dr Elayni hopes to see more young people pursue a career in medicine – Emergency Medicine specifically.

“Those who pursue a career in medicine have to love their job of becoming a doctor and do it wholeheartedly. It should be because you want to do it, and not because other people wanted you to. Then, it will not be as scary and difficult if you love and live it.”

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